Right Place – Right Time

I must say that I am surprised that it has been almost a month since I connected here.  WHAT?!  That just goes to show how time can fly so quickly and how easy it can be to get distracted.  My sincerest apologies for my lack of “Being Here”  I have been given the gift of “resolving to do better.”  Pinkie Swear.  🙂

This gift actually came to me in the form of my being in the right place at the right time.  Have you ever had a moment like that for you?  If you have, you know what I’m talking about.  If you haven’t had one of those moments in your life I suggest you open yourself to become aware – because I will guarantee you that there has been a moment in your life when you were lead to being somewhere – to speaking to someone – you just have realized it for what it really was. 

I attended a class tonight which I was not planning on attending.  But because the teacher of the class was possibly going to show a video I had created, I choose to change my plans to make sure I was there to see what he would say.  In the end the videos were not shown – which I really am ok with – promise 🙂  But certain things were said in class and I felt prompted to make a comment and in the end I was able to meet two incredible people. (Hi Kristi & Jonathan)  They were asking about my blog and my speaking engagements – and so I directed them here.  And my brain immediately told me, “If your going to invite people to your blog you probably should put something new up, don’t you think?  And this time let’s share one of those videos you’ve been working on!” 

I am SO grateful that those 2 amazing people introduced themselves to me and asked about this blog to “wake me up” to the fact that I was in a sense letting something that’s important to me and needed in the world die.  We have Kristi and Jonathan to thank for breathing life back into me and the messages that are inside of me.  AND because of them I will be sharing one – with more to follow – of the videos I have been working on. 

I feel as if tonight I was in the right place at the right time to meet two incredible people who are going places and making a HUGE difference in the world.  Please consider that if you ever feel drawn or inspired to do something that YOU DO IT!!  It very well could be a place that you need to be for heaven to be able to connect the dots for you and/or someone else.



One thought on “Right Place – Right Time

  1. This is absolutely amazing as I feel blessed to have meet you. In addition, I had three things going on that evening. I invited Kristi to insure that I attend the event, and Kristi told me all her other plans were not working out. At first, I had a hard time ditching my other plans. It looks like it took some orchestration to have the three of us meet.

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