You Got This!! aka Cheering You On

Rock Tower

I recently took a walk on a trail around our neighborhood with my kids. Earlier that morning there had been a big race that had run on that trail.  There were signs of the runners everywhere as little packets of energy stuff were all over the trail.  The race was a Half Marathon – 13.13 miles!  Running is not necessarily my thing and I am totally OK with that. 

My 7 year old noticed on the side of the trail over in the dirt was a rock pile.  Now this wasn’t just any rock pile – this was a Rock Tower.  The rocks were placed on top of each other with the largest on the bottom working up to the smallest rock on top.  We stopped and took a look at it.  My first thought was that a kid had gotten bored while walking/running with his mom at some point and had stopped and was playing with the rocks.  Granted in a very creative way 🙂

As we continued along the trail imagine our surprise when we saw another Rock Tower – and another as we walked the trail.  Then I had the thought that what if these towers were made on purpose and supposed to be here.  They weren’t just some random playings of a child.  I imagined someone coming along the race route and placing little reminders for a loved one who would be running that 13.13 miles.  There were some poster board signs that people had made and duct taped up giving words of encouragement.  Those signs were hard to miss as they were big and in bright neon colors.  

If we hadn’t been paying attention we could have easily missed the Rock Towers.  But I believe that they were there for the same purpose as the posters.  A reminder along the way that there are people – even though you can’t see them- cheering you on.  Reminding you to keep going – to not give up even when its tough.  It was as if those towers were saying, “You got this! You can totally do this!  We believe in YOU!”

As we run our race of life pay attention to those little reminders that we all receive to let us know that “You got this!  You can totally do this!”  They are all around us – but remember that they can sometimes be quiet and not so loud as a bright neon sign.  A friend who just called out of the blue to say she was thinking of you.  A sincere compliment payed to you.  A hug from a child.  These seemingly insignificant events in our life are moments to remember and hold on to as they remind us to keep going, that someone believes in you and is cheering you on.  

I am cheering you on – You got this – You can totally do this – I believe in YOU!!    Amanda


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