Lead with Your Heart



I heard this song for the first time this week and it totally spoke to me and pulled at me heartstrings.  The lyrics are beautiful:

“In this world, It’s hard to tell the shadows from the light
What is real can find a way to hide behind the lies
Don’t be fooled or ruled by voices all around you
‘Cause your road will always be revealed

If you lead, lead with your heart,
It’s the one thing you can trust, to always come from love
And it will shine, right through the dark
Like a northern star to show you what is true
You’ll never lose, if only you
Will lead with your heart.”

How true that is – there are SOOO many things that pull for our attention.  Voices from others – voices from inside ourselves – distractions and lies.  But staying true to yourself – listening to and leading with your heart – will never guide you wrong. 

There have been many things lately in life that I have been drawn to do – things that totally stretched me outside of what I felt was comfortable – BUT I felt something pulling me – my heart – or be it heaven – pulling me in that direction to do it anyway.  I still have a long ways to travel – BUT it is with my heart and the heart of a loving Father in Heaven who leads me along the way.

What will you do today to be lead with YOUR heart?


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