Fly Free


A while ago I was going on a work trip that was quite an adventure for me.  On this trip I was preparing to give my first presentation to a large group of people.  I was scared and nervous with a tummy full of butterflies.   As I talked to a dear friend of mine she helped me realize that this was a growing experience that I NEEDED to go through.  I could have given the presenting part to someone else on my team and everything would have been fine – BUT that wouldn’t have been true to who I am because deep down inside I WANTED to present this information to a large group of people.  I decided that even though I was scared and nervous to get up and talk in front of all those people I actually WANTED to even though it went against everything I had told myself I was – shy.  Before I left on this trip my dear friend left me a note with a paper bird attached to it.  That note meant so much to me as did the gift of the paper bird.  I have thought about that bird many times since, and it sits on my nightstand as a reminder.  

What does the bird symbolize to me?  It meant spreading my wings that had been tied and flying free.  Oh, can you just imagine it now?  With the wind on your skin, breathing deeply the fresh air.  Nothing holding you back – just soaring higher and higher into the sky.  Deep down I was starting to find a part of myself that I didn’t even know existed – the part that wanted to be seen and heard instead of who I thought I was – the girl who wanted to blend in and not be noticed.  I have had other moments since then to feel that same wind – that same breath of fresh air – and even though it has been scary it has been SO worth it.  

I am glad that I made the leap to give the presentation – to fly – if I had missed out on that opportunity by passing it on to someone else I would have missed the chance to test my wings and feel the wind.  

What will you do to fly?  What opportunities will you take – even if they are scary?  Sometimes the scariest ones are the ones that grow and stretch us the best.  Here’s to testing out YOUR wings.

Cheering you on!


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