Small efforts into BIG results

I had a small moment happen to me this morning – which in actuality was a BIG moment.  For the past 3 months I have been waking up at 5 am to exercise. Now, I will be the first to admit that I am not perfect at this – I did NOT get up every morning and go.  In fact there were a couple of weeks – not in a row – that I stayed up too late during the night and I just couldn’t wake up to go.  So I didn’t do it perfectly, right?  In fact a good week for me was going 4 times during the week.  And that was sometimes few and far between.  The point is I didn’t exercise perfectly – BUT I did try and I did do it.  And when I DID go, I put in effort.

This morning I was feeling the desire to want to check on my progress.  3 months ago I had measured various parts of my body as a starting point.  This morning I measured myself again.  I was nervous – what if there was no progress?  What if I hadn’t done enough to see results?  But I felt drawn to see where I was.  With each measurement the numbers were indicating that good things had been going on inside my body.  After measuring I discovered I had lost a total of 9.25 inches from all over my body – with 3.25 of that being in one spot!!  I just have to celebrate here for a minute – YAY!!!  🙂

I don’t share this story to say “YAY look at me – I lost all those inches!” But to say that small, consistent efforts CAN and DO pay off.  It really felt sometimes that I wasn’t doing very much.  Especially on those mornings when I didn’t go.  BUT I kept trying – kept trying – kept trying.  I didn’t let a bad morning (or a couple of bad mornings) stop me from trying.  Don’t let a bad day or a bad moment stop you from trying because all of your small and consistent efforts ARE going to add up and you will see good results.  They are coming – so keep going – even if you feel that you aren’t doing it perfectly. 

I have a confession to make………I am a recovering perfectionist.  I once thought that things had to be done perfectly.  The more I live my life and ENJOY it – the more I realize it’s not about doing things perfectly – what matters is that you do them – perfect or not.  If you keep trying your small efforts will turn into BIG results – and how exciting will that be?  Oh, yea, can you feel it……. That is going to be worth celebrating!!!  🙂

Cheering you on!


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